Sunday, August 14, 2005

Arabs in the US


-Your mother calls you "Mommy" and your father calls you "Dad"
-You have a Sitto/Teta always cooking for you
-You know what happens when you eat too much Moujadra, Hummous, Tabuli, and Kibbeh
-You've heard Amr Diab's "Ya nour el ein" 764363 times in ur life
-You've considered having "EDBTZ" as a Screen Name or License Plate number
-You blame the Yahood for eveything! And the Abeed too
-You hear Yahood and go " Yher2 deenak"
-Your refer to other arab as "Cuz"
-You refer to older arab as "Ammo" or "Amtooh"
-Three or more relatives live in your neighborhood
-You get pissed when an Arab is displayed as a Terrorist in a Movie
-You also get pissed when the Yahood are the good guys
-You go to Arabic Resturants, tell the owners your Arab, and think you're
going to get free food
-You fight over who's going to pay the bill
-Your family is over your house all the time
-There is no such thing as quiet time
-You know there is another meaning for kiss.
-You would never call it Pita Bread, you call it arabic bread
-You use Arabic bread as a utensil
-You NEVER run out of bizzer
-Your middle name is your father's first name.
-All the grocery stores and gas stations in your city are owned by relatives
-At least 1 conversation a day is about being ARAB
-Going to religious gatherings/prayers is a fashion show and a free brunch
-You have piles of coupons all over your table
-You have 500,000 cousins
-Your father swears at you with words that effect himself
-You know what the debki, a hafli, and a derrbakki is/are
-You have fruit trees in your backyard and when they are in season you live on them
-You have leaves for dinner
-You cant help but laugh ! when you hear the word TEASE
-You can't stand arabs in your own country but when you live abroad you only make arab friends
-You have someone tell you your fortune through your coffee cup

Below are new reasons added on August 22nd
-You feel proud when anyone famous has Lebanese/Arab blood in them (ex.:Shakira)
-Wearing a leather jacket during the summer is cool
-You are always right
-You've seen a belly dancer at least once in your life
- You get happy when your American friends use Arabic (swears especially) in normal speach


At 12:13 AM, Blogger [ j i m m y ] said...

great one :)

At 2:12 PM, Blogger Eve said...

ha! mahdoumeh :)
another welcome!

At 8:44 AM, Blogger khaled said...

Hope to be capable of putting more soon:-)

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