Wednesday, December 07, 2005

What if the Lebanese Titanic Sank Today on the Syrian Shores of Tartous?

What if Lebanese Titanic sank today? What will be the reaction from different parties?

U.S.A: "A ship coming to Freedom was attacked by Syrians. We will not sit quiet and we will teach them a lesson. Syria has gone far enough in its outrageous attacks on freedom and its continuous interference in its neighbors politics.”

U.K: "I have spoken to the president of United States and we have both agreed that the sinking of titanic is significant prove that Syria is clearly behind this attack, Syria is imposing a threat to the world and this has to be dealt with."

Syria: Producing (Bahar Bahar) as a witness who fled from Lebanon into Syria and started to blame the Americans for firing the rocket from a Stealth bomber, and insisting that they have nothing to do with this.

FM: "These Syrians and their previous crimes against Lebanese is enough evidence to say that sinking of titanic is not an accident but it was intentional and as a warning to all those who are asking for an international investigation and for an International court.

Canada: "Titanic who????”

FPM: " At this time, we can not blame any one before we have an investigation, it might have been an accident, or maybe their competitor – (rival company owners of Titanica)- bombarded the Titanic ship."

Hizb Alla: "Why are you blaming Syria, let us do an investigation committee headed by Syria and includes Algeria, and Iran. We can potentially include China and Russia in it as members of the investigation team.

Amal: Why are we in a Hurry, let things take their time, we have time so do not start blaming Syria on everything that happens

Weam Wahab: This is the doing of Israel, this is another step in the American Zionistic plot to pressure Syria more into bowing to Zionisim. Syria is the last free democratic country in the region who is opposing America and the Americans want to occupy Syria and impose their idea of Democracy.

UN: "Syria must comply to the UNSCR resolutions" (sec.gen. Kofi Annan)

Survivors: ".uhh.Helllooo. Is anyone was an Syrian rockets we saw the Syrian frigate and the soldiers saluted us in Syrian before they fired the rocket. They thought that the Titanic was fishing in their national waters"


At 6:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ppppppow!BBB, as far as this issue is concerned the last word is to the suvivors of that wrecked "titanic" ,,, and i think it has to do with fishing thing stated above.


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